Friday, August 13, 2010

Show Times Announced! Texas Chainsaw Musical at Chicago Fringe

Show times vary! All performances will be held at the:
EP Theater, 1820 S. Halsted in Chicago

Tickets can be purchased online through the Chicago Fringe Festival's webpage by clicking here (NOTE: You will be redirected to the Chicago Fringe Fest website)

Performances are as follows:

•Wednesday September 1 @ 8:30 pm
•Thursday, September 2 @ 10 pm
•Friday, September 3 @ 4 pm
•Saturday, September 4 @ 5:30 pm
•Sunday, September 5 @ 7:00 pm

Chicago Fringe Festival Single show tickets are available for a suggested donation of $10. A one time purchase of a $5 commemorative Chicago Fringe pin is required for entry into any fringe show. For more information on ticket packages, please visit:

On September 1-5, 2010, New Millennium Theatre Company (NMTC) presents the must see event of the inaugural Chicago Fringe Festival 2010: The Texas Chainsaw Musical. This new musical parody of the cult film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” takes audiences through the hot desert highway following the adventures of Sally, her disabled brother Franklin, and their three friends on the worst day of their lives. Short on gas and unfamiliar with the neighborhood, they run into the misunderstood Leatherface, whose attempts to make new friends, despite his best efforts, always seem to end in accidental decapitation. With original music performed live on stage by ‘The Family Band’ featuring Grandpa, The Cook, The Hitchhiker, and Leatherface himself, The Texas Chainsaw Musical will take you on an emotional journey of hilarity giving new meaning to the phrase, ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’. From the disturbed individuals who brought you past Halloween hits like Evil Dead: The Musical and Hack/Slash: Stagefright, cult fans and theatergoers will not want to miss The Texas Chainsaw Musical.

The Texas Chainsaw Musical runs Wed - Sep 1 at 8:30 pm, Thursday - Sep 2 at 10:00 pm, Friday - Sep 3 at - 4:00 pm, Saturday - Sep 4 at 5:30 pm, Sunday - Sep 5 at 7:00 pm at the EP Theater 1820 S Halsted Street

Chicago Fringe Festival Single show tickets are available for a suggested donation of $10. For information on showtimes and ticket packages, please visit: or To learn more about New Millennium Theatre Company visit

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