Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Did you hear? If you missed out on the tour de force that was 'The Texas Chainsaw Musical' during either its initial run or its command performance at last year's Flashback Weekend www.flashbackweekend.com you are in luck!

Chicago is finally getting its act together and holding a Fringe Festival of its very own! The first week in September will see productions from all over the Country and all over the World converge on Chicago. And who will be right in the middle? That's right. Leatherface. Keep an eye on www.nmtchicago.org and www.chicagofringe.com for further details, but we are EXTREMELY EXCITED to be one of the few productions chosen for this inaugural event!

Oh, and we got something going on in the next couple weeks called 'Nerdlesque'. Maybe you heard about it. I just have one question for you:


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